How Students Get To and From School Safely Each Day

  • Students who live close to school may walk
  • Parents may drive students to school
  • Students who live over a mile from school may ride a school bus or take public transportation. School buses are free.

Students Riding a School Bus

If your child rides a school bus you must know:

  • The school bus number
  • The time and place your student gets on the bus
  • The time and place your student gets off the bus

Students are eligible for bus services for a single round-trip (home to school & school to home) when:

  • Student’s legal residence is located within the legal boundary of the Cincinnati Public School District.
  • Distance between the student's legal residence and the school of attendance, is:
    • A minimum of 1 mile for elementary students
    • A minimum of 1 ¼  miles for high school students
  • Student is enrolled in grades from kindergarten to 12th.
  • Student lives within that school's attendance area.*
  • It takes less than 30 minutes to travel directly from the student's assigned neighborhood school to the school of attendance.
  • Student has not been suspended as a result of inappropriate behavior.

*Any bus service offered beyond this may be considered when it can be done safely and efficiently.

*Students with special needs who are assigned by the Department of Student Services to schools other than their neighborhood schools shall be considered within the assigned schools’ transportation service areas.

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