Services Provided by the Office of Second Language Acquisition

English-Language Proficiency Screening

As required by law, the Office of Second Language Acquisition staff administers an English proficiency assessment to children who have indicated a language other than English is spoken by a parent/guardian, student or caregiver in the home. The assessment results are shared with the child’s parent or guardian along with with an explanation of which Cincinnati Public School would best meet the child’s needs.

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Educational Plans for Success

Children identified as Limited English Proficient (LEP) are limited in the listening, speaking, reading or writing skills in English that would allow them to successfully participate in academic classes. The ELL staff develops an educational plan for these children which helps teachers customize the child’s instructional program to meet their needs and afford the best possible opportunity for success.

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Translation / Interpreters  Services*

The Office of Second Language Acquisition provides interpreters to help families with school-related meetings; understanding school-related procedures such as discipline, calendars, and closings; as well as, completing school-related documents such as food-service, transportation applications and health forms.

*ELL provides Translation / Interpreters Services for school-related issues only.


If a LEP student needs additional help with classwork or learning English, the parent or the school may request an ESL volunteer tutor. ESL volunteer tutors are members of the community who give their time to help English language learners in CPS schools.

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Cultural Programs

To provide a well-rounded, culturally diverse education, the Office of Second Language Acquisition staff plans and assists with cultural programs such as our Children’s Day celebration and Fun with Science Camp.

Community Support and Resources

ELL students have a higher success rate in school when parents and families feel at home in the community. The Office of Second Language Acquisition staff provides information about community resources, health-care services and social-service agencies that help non-English speaking families adjust. Ask staff members for information about free adult English classes.

English Classes for Adults

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is designed for adults who do not speak English as their native language. Interactive, small-group, large-group, and computer-based instructional activities are offered to emphasize skills in reading, writing and conversational English.