How to Get Involved

The Office of Second Language Acquisition welcomes the community’s involvement, partnership and generous donation of time and resources.

There is a critical need for community members who can volunteer time during school hours at a school to work one on one with a K through 12, English Language Learner. CPS English language learners come from a wide variety of countries and backgrounds. Most prevalent are speakers of Spanish, French and Arabic. Volunteer tutors help ELL students with their schoolwork and their English listening/speaking/reading/writing skills.

Volunteer tutors are not required to be certified educational professionals. However, being a good listener and having an interest in and sensitivity to other cultures is important. Volunteers should speak English fluently and articulate clearly. They are not required to know the language of the students they tutor as they will use English to teach English. They need to understand that every student has different needs and abilities and adjust their expectations and strategies in accordance with the individual child’s capabilities.

Intersted in volunteering? Call (513) 363-3251.