Types of Schools

Neighborhood Elementary Schools

A neighborhood school is the school a student is assigned to by his or her home address. All students living in Hamilton County are assigned to a neighborhood school. The Cincinnati School District decides the boundaries for each neighborhood school.
Neighborhood schools offer strong academic programs based on state academic content standards.

How to Find Student's Assigned Neighborhood Elementary School

Cincinnati Public School (CPS) has an online Street Layout Guide to find student’s assigned elementary neighborhood school. The Street Layout Guide is a website that shows your student’s assigned neighborhood elementary school.

To find your student's neighborhood school go to the Street Layout Guide and enter the student's home address.

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Magnet Elementary Schools

CPS offers 9 elementary magnet programs directed at students’ different interests and learning styles. They are open to all students living within the Cincinnati Public School District.

The below three magnet schools offer English Language Learning classes:

Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies (AMIS) (preschool to grade 8)
Offers Spanish and English as a Second Language
Address: 1908 Seymour Road, 45237
Phone: 513-363-1800
Academy of World Languages ( AWL) (preschool to grade 8)
Offers Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and English as a Second Language  
Address:  2030 Fairfax Avenue, 45207
Phone: 513-363-7800

LEAP Academy
Address: 2001 Baltimore Avenue, 45225
Phone: 513-363-1200
Roberts Academy (preschool to grade 8)
Offers English as a Second Language
Address:  1702 Grand Avenue, 45214
Phone: 513-363-4600

Roselawn Condon School
Address: 1594 Summit Road, 45237
Phone: 513-363-4800

Application Form 

Application forms are available at the school or on the CPS Website starting in late September (Exception: School for Creative and Performing Arts.)

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High School of Choice

High Schools of Choice are 7th through 12th grade schools that emphasize a wide variety of areas of study based on a student's specific interests and/or talents. There are NO school assignments based on address at the high school or secondary level. Students may live anywhere in the district and select from ALL 16 CPS high schools. Students select from an assortment of high school programs with special focuses leading them into careers and higher education. 

The below High School of Choice offers English Language Learning classes

Aiken High School
Address: 5641 Belmont Avenue, 45224
Phone: 513-363-6700

Western Hills University High School
Address: 2144 Ferguson Road, 45238
Phone: 513-363-8900

Withrow University High School
Offers Chinese, French, Spanish and English as a Second Language
Address: 2488 Madison Rd. 45208
Phone: 513-363-9200

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Transportation is provided for eligible students aboard Metro buses. The Metro pass may be used to and from school only.

Special Requirements

Some high schools do have eligibility requirements. These requirements could include passing a test, auditioning, or having previous experience in a subject or teaching style.

Extra Curricular Activities

High Schools of Choice have a wide variety of extra curricular activities ranging from sports to music to art.

Students with Disabilities

ALL high schools are open to students with disabilities.
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