Limited English Proficiency Accommodation Plan (LEP Plan)

Purpose of the LEP Plan

The purpose of the Limited English Proficiency Accommodation Plan (LEP Plan) is to make sure your child meets with success in the classroom. In order for the classroom teacher to know what kind of additional help your child needs, a LEP Plan is created for your child.

Developing the LEP Plan

Developing the LEP Plan after screening using the Ohio English Language Proficiency Screener (OELPS) students who are limited English proficient will need additional help, or accommodations, in their math, language arts, science or social studies classes. A LEP Plan is created to help teachers know how to work with your child.

The LEP Plan is developed using the results of your child’s English Proficiency Screening, so the instruction will be based on his or her level of English proficiency in:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking  

What the LEP Plan Includes and When You will Know

The LEP Plan will be shared with you and your child’s classroom teacher(s) to let both of you understand what additional help is needed.

Some suggestions included in the LEP Plan may be for the classroom teacher to:

  • Use materials with picture
  • Encourage group work and/or pair your child with an English speaking student
  • Give more time to complete assignments
  • Allow and encourage the use of a dictionary
  • Seat your child where she is able to hear
  • Share models of work assignments

What is Required

You must meet with the classroom teacher(s) to talk about the LEP Plan.

After the meeting, both of you will sign the LEP Plan to show you understand what "accommodations" will be made to best serve your child's academic needs.