Our Staff

Who do I ask for assistance and support? See staff list below to find out who can aswer your ELL questions.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Senior Communication Specialist

Leyla Pena
Office Phone: (513) 363-3251
Office Fax: (513) 363-3255
Email:  penaley@cps-k12.org

Assistant School Community Coordinator

JoRena Phelps
Office Phone:  (513) 363-3252
Office Fax:  (513) 363-3255
Email:  phelpsj@cps-k12.org

Curriculum Manager

Mireika "Marie" Kobayashi
Email:  kobayam@cps-k12.org

English as a Second Language (ESL) Manager

Patty Fong
Email: fongpat@cps-k12.org

School Social Worker

Mary Jo Montenegro-Miller, LISW
Welcome Center Office Phone:  (513) 363-3250
Email:  millerm@cps-k12.org

Culturally Responsive Practices School Psychologists

Daniel Simonson
Email:  simonda@cps-k12.org
Robyn Coleman
Email:  colemar@cps-k12.org