Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Here is a sample of the questions most parent have when starting in a new school.

1. Why should I send my child to a Cincinnati Public School?

Cincinnati Public Schools ranks among the top 2 percent of Ohio districts for students' learning growth and offers families high-quality school choices and academic programs.The district’s innovative approach to education, its investment in effective and caring teachers, and vast array of collaborative partnerships have accelerated school performance to the highest level in decades – ensuring that students in preschool to 12th grade thrive and graduate prepared for successful lives in the 21st century.

2. What is the best CPS school for my child?

Five CPS elementary schools and three high schools offer special ELL services. (AMIS, AWL, Roberts, LEAP and Roselawn; Aiken and Western Hills and Withrow.)

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3. What if I need an interpreter for a school related matter such as a meeting or filling out paperwork and forms? 

Interpreters are provided free of charge for school related matters. Contact your school to schedule a meeting and inform them that an Interpreter will be needed.

4. Can my child ride a bus to school?

Free bus service is provided for students who live over a mile from school.

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5. Is breakfast provided at school?

All Cincinnati Public School students are eligible for a free breakfast every school day.

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6. What about lunch? What if my family cannot pay for lunch?

All Cincinnati Public Schools have a cafeteria that serves lunch. A program to help families who cannot pay for lunch is available. You child may also bring his or her lunch with them.

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7. How do I know what food is being served at my child's school?

The CPS website posts a monthly menu listing what foods will be served each day. 

Click here for more information about school lunch menus and nutritional information

8. Where can I take adult English classes?

Some charitable organizations offer free adult English classes.

Click here for organizations and information on English classes.

9. What immunizations are required for my student to attend a CPS school?

All CPS students are required to have certain shots in order to attend school.

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10. Why must my child be tested for English proficiency?  

U.S. law requires testing all students whose primary or home language is other than English to decide if the student is Limited English Proficient (LEP).

Click here for information on U.S. school laws

11. What English skills will be screened?

Students will be tested in speaking, reading, writing and listening skills in English.

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12. How does my child exit or leave ELL services and support?

Every year students are given the  Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA) to determine if they are ready to leave the ELL program.

Click here for information on OELPA

13. What is the Limited English Proficiency Accommodation Plan (LEP)?

The Limited English Proficiency Plan is an instructional plan drawn up for classroom teachers to help them know how to best help your child in the classroom.

Click here for information on the LEP Plan

14. What are:

  • Neighborhood schools?
  • Magnet schools?
  • High schools of choice?

Cincinnati Public Schools offers different kinds of schools and programs. Neighborhood schools are elementary schools assigned according to the child’s home address. Magnet schools are directed at students’ different interests and learning styles. High Schools of Choice are 7th through 12th grade schools emphasizing a wide variety of areas of study based on a student’s specific interests and/or talents.

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15. How do I know:

  • When school begins in the fall
  • When vacation days are
  • When school gets out for the summer
  • If school will be closed because of bad weather?

The Cincinnati Public School Website posts a printable calendar online. If schools are closed because of weather conditions it will be announced on local radio & TV stations.

Click here for annual school calendar and closing information