School Participation

Parent Participation

How to Get Involved in Your Child's Education

  1.  Know the importance of good attendance.
  1. TALK to your child’s teacher — you are an important part of your child's education.
    • Ask to see a sample of your child’s work
    • Ask the teach questions like:
      • Is my child learning to read and write?
      • What are my child’s strengths and weaknesses?
      • What can I do at home to make sure that my child is successful?
  1. ATTEND regularly scheduled Parent Teacher Conferences    
  2. JOIN parent groups such as:
    • Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
    • Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)   
  3. READ to your child and have him or her read to you every day for at least 15 minutes
    • Ask your child to retell a story in his or her own words by telling what happened first, second, and third
    • Look for opportunities in everyday places to build your child’s vocabulary
    • Be sure your child has a library card - many libraries have book clubs and family activities that make reading fun for the entire family
  4. Additional resources on helping your child become a good reader

Become a Good Reader - English
Become a Good Reader - Spanish

As parents, the most important thing we can do is read to our children early and often. Reading is the path to success in school and life. When children learn to love books, they learn to love learning.

Laura Bush (former First Lady)