ESL Volunteer Tutors

Provides volunteer* tutors:  ESL Volunteer Tutors are members of the community who give their time to help ELL in CPS schools. Some ESL parents contribute their time to serve as tutors.

  • If a LEP student needs special help with classwork or in learning English, the student or parent may ask for an ESL Volunteer Tutor or the School ESL Coordinator may suggest this to the parent.
  • The parent must fill out and sign the Parent Permission Form, stating that their child may receive ESL Volunteer tutoring
  • The parent must give the form to the School Office 


  • Volunteers are not necessarily certified educational professionals. They are to be used to supplement the additional accommodations, services, and supports ELL students are required to receive at CPS schools from trained educational staff members.
  • Volunteer Tutors will be paired with your child on a first come first serve basis due to the limited number of volunteers.

If you feel your child will benefit with the help of a tutor, please fill out the form below and return it to your school office.